Video Production

Recreational Research Company is proud to announce a major video series based on the State of California waterways recreation. Whether you’re on land or the water the enjoyment of the vast California waterways can be had by all.

California Waterways: The Series

enjoy the California vast…
  • Rivers
  • Lakes
  • Bays
  • Islands
  • Deltas
  • Coast

California Waterways: The Series

Sponsorships are still available, such as:
  • Entire Series Sponsorship
  • Episodes Sponsorship
  • Vessels; Boat & Kayaks Sponsorship
  • Towing Vehicle Sponsorship
  • Boat Trailer Sponsorship
  • Nautical Electronics Sponsorship

Video Production Services

For all your video needs. Making video work for you… (bring your imagination)

Sales Product Demonstrations

  • Valuable tools for sales personnel, vendors or brokers
  • Presentation of new or complex products and services
  • Eliminate costly mistakes or misrepresentations
  • Effective teaching tools for the sales force

Point of Purchase Demonstrations

  • Attract attention to products on sales floor
  • Accurate demonstrations for customers

Trade Show Booth Presentations

  • Show customers your store, services or products
  • Take your whole business to the trade show location
  • Reduce need to re-deploy personnel

Video Sales Catalogs

  • Showcase high ticket mail-order items
  • Demonstrate products for effective marketing
  • Refer to item numbers in mail-order brochure
  • Dramatically increase sales

General Marketing

  • Reach out-of-area sales prospects
  • Ideal for selling fixed products
  • Market real estate, communities, or manufacturing plants

High Impact Videowalls

  • Grab attention for your product
  • Generate excitement and drama
  • Position your product at the top

Interactive Video & Multimedia

  • Interaction creates involvement by customers
  • Customers select area of interest
  • Position your company as a leader in technology

Employee, Client and Community Relations

  • Community or Employee Relations
  • Explain services, objectives and goals
  • Create dramatic public or internal impact
  • Concisely explain complex issues
  • Demonstrate effects on company or community
  • Conduct video “plant tours” for civic groups or employees

Employee Training

  • Train new employees
  • Provide refresher courses for current employees
  • Present new systems, services, equipment or technology
  • Consistently guide on company procedures and policies

Interactive Video & Multimedia

  • Harness electronic technology
  • Interaction increases learning
  • Students pursue own interests
  • Motivation
  • Showcase in-house or outside expert or celebrity
  • Motivate company employees

Employee Relations

  • Hottest new concept in video
  • ‘Slice of life’ view of company, community or organization
  • Show typical day from beginning to end
  • Excellent public relations and client appreciation tools
  • Show support for partner school by taping a typical day
  • Show appreciation of valuable client by featuring their operation


  • Fund Raising
  • Showcase organization’s services and needs
  • Use emotion tastefully and effectively
  • Help staff deliver your unique message